PO Box 547

Jemison, Alabama 35085

Puppy Reservation Form





Day Phone_________________Evening Phone_________________


Litter    SIRE X Dam__________________X____________________ 


Preferred Gender              Male_______          Female_________

Preferred Coat Color      Black__________




Is your deposit conditional on;    Gender Preference  Yes    No

                                                   Color Preference     Yes   No

 If the deposit is conditional it will be refunded if we are unable to supply the gender, or color that you have selected.


Please tell me how you will use your dog.   Family pet, hunting, hunt test, field trials. Etc.



Please tell me the most important qualities you would like in a dog. Conformation, size, color, retrieving desire, nose, calm, excited, dominate, submissive, attentive to people. Etc. (use Back of form if necessary)




Will you   pick pup up(    )       or        Have pup shipped(    )

Puppies will be shipped from the Birmingham airport  (BHM).    Name of airport would you like the pup shipped to;


Cost of Pup____________- _____________ deposit =______________Due before delivery


Please return this form with your  $100 non-refundable deposit. You will be notified of your pick number.

Date Deposit Received__________________Pick Number_________