Photos of Lucy Puppies


Ben and Lucy Pups from September 2003 Litter

"Hershey" A 9 month old female

Owned by Whitney Taylor

"Hershey" Another picture

"Hershey" Another picture







Buddy 10 month old male

Buddy at 10 months Old

Male from Lucy X Ben's first litter

Buddy at 10 months


Owned by Janice Street of Birmingham, AL

Timber as 4 week old pup

Timber 9 Mos old Male

Owned by John and Blakney Moore Alabaster, Alabama

Timber's profile

Timber front view 9 mos old

At 12 months old Timber weighed 85 pounds

Timber's First Duck 14 mos old

Yoda Marshall

Yoda as a Puppy

Yoda 1 yr old Male

Owner Abigail Marshall

Ben X Lucy Pups from June 18, 2004 Litter

11 week old females

Having fun in the water Susie & Freckles

11 week old females

Playing in the pond

Female pup 11 weeks

Freckles 11 weeks old

Freckles 11 week old female

Mollie and Cher

Owned by Yvonne Redell

Lucy about 5 months old

Owned By Stephen Eoff