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Guarantee and Policy


This guarantees consists of three sections.  Each section outlines the items covered during the pups first 12, 26 and 36 months of life. The number of months begins at the puppy’s birthday. There are no guarantees that apply after 36 months.


Guarantees made for retrieving instincts; temperament and general health are in effect for the first 12 months.

Our puppies are bred and sold as working Labrador retrievers. We assume our customers purchase puppies from us with the intentions of training the dogs as working retrievers.  It is our desire to provide you with a puppy that is trainable.

Any dog that we sale that lacks retrieving instinct, shows unstable or vicious temperament, or is unable to work or hunt due to a physical or genetic defects will be replaced.  The dog must be euthanized or returned with our consent to qualify the owner for a replacement puppy. No refund, in part or full, will be given.

If the dog show signs of a physical or genetic defect it must be diagnosed by a veterinarian within 12 months of age. Duck-Dogs must be notified immediately at the onset of the problem in writing with a letter from the examining veterinarian.

Any physical problem that could be the results of an injury or illness is not covered under this guarantee.


Guarantees made for Hip dysplasia are good for the first 26 Months of age.


All reputable Labrador retriever breeders are trying to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in the breed.  They are doing this by refusing to breed dogs that have radiographic evidence of hip dysplasia.  Hips are not certified by the OFA until the dog is 24 months old.  For this reason dogs younger than 24 months should not be bred. 

 Any animal purchased from must be x-rayed by 26 months. Animals older than 26 months are no longer covered under this guarantee. The dog should be x-rayed between 24 and 26 months of age and be certified by OFA.  Dogs may be x-rayed before 24 months of age as a preliminary evaluation. Preliminary OFA reports are not covered under this guarantee they may be unreliable and the status may change by the time the dog is 24 months old. OFA requires the dog to be 24 months old before they will certify the hips. 

·        X-rays must be sent to the OFA for evaluation.

·        Any animal with mild dysplasia rating must be returned to our kennels in order to qualify for a replacement.

·        Animals with severe dysplasia will be treated as follows:

·        The animal must be euthanized or sterilized with the agreement of Duck-Dogs and a letter sent to that effect by a veterinarian.

·        If the owner wishes to retain the dog he must promise in writing that he will no longer use the dog for hunting, hunt test, or field trials.

·        If the owner wishes to retain the dog and use it for hunting the full guarantee will be void.  The owner may purchase another pup out of a mutually agreed upon litter from Duck-Dogs for one half the current selling price of the pup.

·        If the owner wishes to retain the dog and run the dog in any test or competition, the owner waives the right to a replacement animal or discounted puppy.


Guarantees made for hereditary eye problems are good for 36 months.

 Any dog showing hereditary eye defects will be replaced as follows:

·        A certified veterinary ophthalmologist must examine animals before it is 3 years old.  The results of the exam sent to Duck-Dogs. The ophthalmologist must state that the defect is hereditary and not caused by injury, or illness.

·        The defective animal will be treated with the same guidelines as those listed under “animals with severe dysplasia”.


The following applies to all parts of the guarantee.



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Narvel Black                                                                                   Date


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Purchaser of pup                                                                                  Date



Puppy microchip ID number________________________Date of birth________


Amended 1/1/2008