Tan Marks On Labrador Retrievers


Pictures of some of my labs that have tan marks. Only the black and Chocolate labs will show the marks. The Yellow coat color mask the tan marks and they will not occure. . These are pure bred Labrador Retrievers which can be confirmed with DNA profiles back to 1988.  The first of my Labs with tan marks was born in my kennels on 1/9/2006. His name is ALK9 Forged Copper.   Click here to view his Pedigree.  The AKC has DNA profiles on record for Both of Copper's Parents. Copper's Sire FC,AFC Esprit Playin' For Keeps was born in 1988 and has  Sired over 600 litters of AKC registered puppies including at least one grandson that is an AKC National Field Trial Champion. Copper's DNA profile number is V574590. I am currently working on getting an unbroken chain of DNA profiles on the AKC records for all of my pups with tan marks.

For our clients that want a very unique pure bred lab I will sell pups with tan marks. I will also help to provide DNA profile records to prove these are indeed pure bred Labs. As a breeder I do not want to be responsible for increasing the Tan Marks in the  Labrador Retriever genetic pool. Therefore I will request that these pups will have an AKC Limited Registration which would prevent the AKC from registering any puppies produced from the Tan marked dogs that I sell. 

Male with Tan Marks

2nd Male with Tan Marks

Please be aware I breed for Performance not appearance. I breed working retrievers that have the genetics of a top performing working dog.  My primary concern is on how the dogs function not how the dog looks. I do not bred for tan marked labs but when they occur as a result of performance breeding I refuse to reject the dog because of his appearance when I know he is a great working dog'  

 We would love to be able to breed a Labrador retriever that is capable of winning both a  Show championship and also a Field Championship.

The reality is that breeding dogs that are capable of both on a national level is impossible. When attempting to breed for both you will compromise the performance and/or the appearance of the dog.   Below is a link to the AKC Breed Standards for a Labrador retriever that is bred for conformation as a show dog. Again I have chosen to compromise the appearance of our dogs ( as outlined in the breed standards) in order to gain a higher level of performance.

Click below for AKC Breed Standards for Labrador Retrievers




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My Dogs that have Tan Marks

Males    Boots, Copper, Hanz,

Females    Hope, Joy, Tannell, DeDe, Penney, Sprit, Trouble.