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Labrador Retriever Puppy

Honey X Cole Pups

Date of Birth 5/26/2014  $600 each

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Male 5906

Male 5906

Male 4505

Male 4505

Male 4956

Male 4956

Male 4956


Parker X Penny Pups

Born 5/29/2014   6 weeks old on 7/10/2014

$600 each

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Pictures of the Females

The Females

7 Females

Pictures of the Males

2 Males




BO X Rosie Pups

Born 6/1/2014  6 weeks old on 7/13/2014

$600 each

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The 2 Males

Two of the females

Two more of the females

The last 2 Females

Haley X House Pups

Born 7/20/2014  3 Males 3 Females

$600 each

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German Shepherd pups

Action and Semi Puppies

The pups sire is Action Vom Ehrlichen Berg,


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Actions Sire is Carlo Von Der Bosen Bruderschaft

Actions dam is Deike Von Haus Jurjim  DN22699601


The Pups dam is Semi Von Schwarz Haus

Semi's Sire is Timmy Vom Zollernblut  726489

Semi's dam is Ocka Von Den Wannaer Hohen  DN26327601